Ambition: Biting Off More than You Can Chew

Happy New Year!!!

It's All in Finding the Right Words

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Do you make New Year’s Resolutions?

According to researchers (so you know it must be true), most people’s resolutions only last until January 15th. That means that you only have to keep your resolution SIX MORE DAYS and you will be an above average person!

I don’t make a New Year’s Resolution per se, I make resolutions every 15 days. Every 15 days I do a goal check and assess and reassess what I wanted to do, how did achieving the goal go, and do I still want to work toward this goal.

By doing this, I keep my resolutions very short and very small.

I think that this gives me a better chance at being successful.

Written forThis, That, and the Other: One Word Challenges.

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New beginning.

cancer killing recipe

I’m finally organizing my new life after months of hardships.
After I quit my job 6 months ago I lived with my old friend. It was OK at the beginning, but after few weeks the Lady got lazy, so I have to clean after her, her son and very old, sick cat. I like clean.
So I was paying the rent and I become live in housekeeper. The Lady was younger and healthier than I!
You see,I was very nice. Some people think that nice people are stupid and they take advantage.
This is the story of my life. I quit many jobs and relationships because I was too nice.
So I have to run.
I lived for 3 months with my other friends in a very small apartment, paying rent and sleeping on a very narrow couch in the living room…
Finally two weeks ago I found nice room…

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Slim easy.

I never have a problem with my weight. I’m 5’5 and 140 lb – plus or minus few… sometimes.. But I know few people who are really overweight, they try all kinds of diets ( Atkins, Low-Fat, Low-Carb, Paleo , Vegan ) but they cant loose all the weight they want, because they are hungry, so they keep eating too much.

When I drink one cup of HAPPY COFFEE in the morning, I’m happier than my usual, and I’m not hungry most of the day. I can eat, but I don’t have to.

And I believe, that this is the best, easiest and cheapest way to loose unwanted pounds. You don’t have to count the calories, cutting on carbs and fats. You can eat your favorite (healthy!) foods, but you eat less, because you are not hungry, so you are losing weight. So, actually, when you drink HAPPY COFFEE you save money, because you spend less on food. This is the way I see it. ( I’m very frugal. 🙂 )

So, if you want to be happy and slim, you have to drink HAPPY COFFEE or HAPPY CHOCOLATE!

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Thank you all for visiting.Have a great days.

Our business is to make you happy and slim. 🙂


5 Powerful Blogging Tools That Will Work For You

Be Better Blogger!
Happy blogging to you…

Hugh's Views & News  

business computer connection contemporary Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Getting readers to engage with you by leaving comments on your blog posts is something many bloggers crave. And when those comments clearly show that your post has been read, it’s one of the best feelings in the world. Those types of comments are like finding a rainbow.

However, once you get visitors reading your posts and leaving comments, you need to do all you can to ensure they keep coming back.

Writing great quality posts is one way to keep your readers returning, but you also need to ensure they can easily find your other similarly themed posts; which are often buried deep in your blog archives.

And if you’re someone who leaves ‘likes’ or comments, you need to ensure other bloggers can find you.

Here are five blogging tools that work for me. Not only do they give my readers a way of…

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Understanding who you are

Hello everyone!
You are the most wonderful thing that had been created yet…
Have a Happy Sunday!!!


Intuition is the fruition of the fertile mind
Compassion is an action of somebody acting kind.

Integrity is a desire to be true in all they do
Intellectual idealism demonstrates your no ones fool.

But if these words and actions are not from the heart and soul within
Then my friend you will find that they don’t mean anything

For we are energy and matter and we are made from the cosmos and the stars
We are poetry in motion we are all truly works of art
Defined by conscious reality of just who we really are.

We are fragments of an ancient age
We’re everything and everyone
So much more than we believe we are love and we are one

We are amazing and so much more than we could ever truly perceive
The truth is understanding this and starting to believe.

For we are all on a path…

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